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生势,不凡——全新梅赛德斯-AMG 43系列登陆中国!

如果赛道与公路存在交点,执掌此地的定是决然不群的桀骜之师;唯有身经百战的王者血统,方可造就如此不凡生势!恰逢AMG荣耀50载之际,全新梅赛德斯-AMG 43系列正以凌厉之姿全速袭来,将对赛道激情与日常驾驶的理解重新诠释!


  • C 63 AMG Coupe Edition 507

    C 63 AMG Coupe Edition 507

    The C 63 AMG Edition 507 is powered by the AMG 6.3-Liter engine with the performance tuned to deliver an unprecedented 507hp. The engine is able to rocket the vehicle from zero to a hundred km/h in a lightning quick 4.2 seconds. Special benefits and offers bring your dream ride ever closer, with high value service coupon, 50% tax deductions and full insurance packages as available options, the power of the 507 is waiting to charge your passion and drive your desires.

    Full warranty available at purchase for your peace of mind.
    For more information, please contact your local participating AMG Performance Centers.